The SWARMz cluster

SwarmZ is a grouping of Naval Group, MBDA and TVT Innovation whose ambition is to federate, in a cooperative and non-predatory spirit, the actors who wish to join this technological adventure to create an innovative eco-system in the field of swarm robotics.  

The eco-system is intended to be composed of industrialists, innovative SMEs, research laboratories, potential users.  

Our missions:  

  • Stimulate, detect, and mature scientific and technical innovations that can contribute to significant progress in this field:  
    • Find new partners; 
    • Stimulate and detect needs and use cases.  
  • Create and stimulate the robotics eco-system in France and in Europe 
    • Promote the development of new Technical and Scientific Information on the theme in France and in Europe by launching Projects; 
    • Promote collaboration between various industrial fields (defense, energy, naval, civil security, agriculture, ...) 
    • Contribute to launch new collaborative projects on this theme  


Video of the last demo held in Toulon the 2th of July: 


The partners: 

Join us:  


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